Steam Carpet Cleaning London

The steam cleaning method is perfect for durable fabrics and removal of tough stains. We use a hot water extraction machine that works with high-pressure steam. With the help of special detergents and the power of hot water, we make your furniture fresh and clean. This cleaning method and equipment is also suitable for carpet cleaning.

Steam cleaning servicesWith us you can get:

  • Discounts for combined services
  • Convenient cleaning appointments
  • Safe detergents
  • Guaranteed results
  • Insured and certificated cleaners

If your furniture or carpets are dirty and stained, then you’ll need to get a professional help. With the efficiency of our steam carpet cleaning service and our affordable rates, we will bring back the freshness in your home.

The Steam Cleaning Method in Details

Our steam carpet cleaning service in London can help you overcome accidental spillages or dirty patches, and eliminate dust mites or pet smells. This how we do it:

  • Our cleaning technicians will fully inspect your carpets before making a decision on the type of cleaning solution to apply. It all depends on the stains and the carpet textiles.
  • Then we’ll begin by moving all the light furniture out of the cleaning area
  • We will vacuum the dirt on the surface and pre-treat the persistent stains
  • We will inject a special shampoo deep into the fibres of your carpet
  • We will extract the dirt and the shampoo with a powerful steam cleaning equipment
  • To help your carpets dry faster, we will use fine rake to separate the fibres
  • At the end, we will put back the furniture to its place
  • We will place special foil pads on the contact zones of your carpet
  • To ensure no further markings, we will give you overshoes to use for the next 3-4 hours

Book Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Services

Call 020 3404 5956 and arrange a the perfect cleaning for you! Our friendly customer care representatives are available to offer a cleaning service at a price you can’t resist. You can also get in touch by filling in our online booking form. Treat your home to the best steam carpet cleaning service you can find in London.